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3 Ways To Customize Acrylic Wall Art Prints

Acrylic wall prints are fascinating art pieces with eye popping colors and a glossy finish that can change the entire look of a room and uplift the aura of any space to something positive, calming, and new. These glass art photo prints are available in multiple styles that can fit right into contemporary interiors, modern interiors, subtle interiors, as well as fancy interiors. Besides, you can buy the ones with a sophisticated look for corporate decor and peppy ones for your house.

How To Customize Acrylic Wall Art Prints?

Acrylic wall art prints have such variations that the options are endless. Which is why you can get them done according to your taste. The best ways to customize them are listed below.

  • The Float Option – This acrylic glass art form creates a floating illusion on the wall because the backside of the photo print is glued to a wooden block with smooth edges, sitting right in the center. Since the block is just 1-inch thick and in the back center, it’s practically not visible and the little gap between the wall and the photo print gives the eyes a taste for a floating 3D like image.
  • The Mount Option – This is the most basic acrylic photo print option that can be mounted directly on top of the wall. It stays right through and doesn’t fall because the adhesive used on the backside of the wooden edges of the photo print is very strong. Also, you can order the print in a way that it covers even the edges from all four sides.
  • The Standoff Option – This is the most economical option in which the acrylic photo print is provided with 4 colored screws. Also, the print has a hole on all the 4 corners. You can simply drill the wall and install the photo print with the help of the screws provided.

Unique Benefits of Acrylic Photo Prints

The glossy and colorful impact by acrylic photo prints is like no other. You must choose the ones from companies like Big Acrylic wall art to ensure the quality. And the benefits of the acrylic photo prints listed below are a must know.

  • You can get the prints customized to be waterproof.
  • The prints can be made resistant to UV lights as well.
  • The acrylic photo prints create a jaw dropping lifelike effects with HD quality clarity.
  • The prints can be cleaned with the help of diluted solvents that you normally use at home to clean slabs and wood and glass furniture items.