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5 Top Garden Pests

Pests are the number one problem for gardeners. They chew on your well-cared plants and often cause moderate to massive havoc to crops. However, not all pests do significant damage that warrants immediate action. The best way to maintain a healthy garden is to educate yourself and learn to identify bugs and how to manage them. Also, you can always ask for help from professional gardeners. Visit this site to find out what other services they can offer.

If you want to know more about these pests that eat holes around the leaves or damage your plants, then keep on reading below for the top five most common garden pests.

  • Slugs And Snails

Snails and slugs are considered to be one of the most annoying garden pests and are encountered by almost all farmers and garden owners. They are active in the evenings and loves eating leaves. Although most can only cause unsightly damage, there are cases when they could also kill plants in the long run when left untreated.

  • Caterpillars

Caterpillars are the immature stage of certain kinds of insects, especially butterflies and moths. They are not all bad since they will be good for the garden in the long run. However, caterpillars can wreak havoc to your garden by consuming the plant’s leaves. They can be greedy and often strip a plant of its life after a few days. Keep your caterpillars in check and know when to use a preventive measure to protects your garden when needed.

  • Aphids

Aphids or lice are tiny pear-shaped pests that love sucking the saps out of plants which causes great damage. They excrete honeydew when they feed on clusters of new plant growth, and this attracts ants and encourages black molds to grow. If you are unable to drive away these pests, don’t worry. You can always hire the reliable gardening services Sydney from Amico anytime.

  • Flea bugs

Flea bugs are small beetles with dark colors that jump like fleas when disturbed. The adult ones chew on leaves creating numerous holes while its larvae feed on the plant’s roots. Also, they are extremely irritating since they love feeding on young plants causing great damage to their growth.

  • Grasshoppers

These insects are popular for being voracious or greedy leaf eaters. Grasshoppers can consume about one-half of their body weight per day. The adults and nymphs can cause a great deal of damage to your garden by chewing on leaves and stems of plants. If uncontrolled, it can lead to severe infestation and defoliate an entire field. There are also other species of grasshoppers called locusts which gathers in numbers to migrate and find food which will often destroy a farmer’s crops or garden.

Final Word

There are a lot of solutions and ways to deal with these pests. One solution is through inviting natural predators like toads, decollate snails and ladybugs who can consume pests like slugs, aphids, and bugs without causing too much casualty on your plants. Also, you can also create baits using a shallow pan of beer for slugs and snails. Using pesticides should be your last resort because although it is a fast pest repellent, it also has chemicals that harm plants as well. Try handpicking pests if you can even though it might take lots of patience and hard work.