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A Few Tips To Repair A Leaking Roof

A leaking roof is always disappointing as the leaking water creates a big mess inside a home. Before the winter starts, roof repairing is usually at the top of any homeowner’s maintenance list. Minor issues can be solved by your own like tracking down the leaks, replacing the damaged shingles or sealing the joining gap. But, the severe problem can be handled only by a professional. In severe damages, you may get help from roofing Oakville by D’Angelo and Sons. They are one of the best roofers in Canada. A few best ways to repair your leaking roof are rationalized under:

  1. Check The Roof Leaks On The Ceiling

First of all, check where the leaks inside your roof are and track the water damage inside your home.  If you have an attic, using a flashlight to look for water stains or mold. Where you track any water leaking spot, mark over there and then examine the equivalent spot on the exterior of your home.

  1. Inspect The Roof’s Wear And Tear

Once you have found the leaking spots on your roof, start finding any cracked, curled, or missing shingles at the leak site, and then assess your roof’s overall condition. If there is one or two shingles are missing and minor gaps where the roofing material meets vents or a chimney, you can fix it by your own. On the other side, if the gaps are wide and many singles are missing from your roof, it means that you may have a structural issue which needs an expert roofer to fix it.

  1. Carefully Handle Curled Shingles

If you find any curled shingle, it needs to be carefully handled. You can use a caulking gun to carefully apply a dab of roof sealant under the raised corners of curled shingle. Cautiously press the shingle down, then with the help of trowel cover the shingle edges with roof cement. Shingles get brittles in the cold season so before straitening the single; make it warm with the help of blow drier.

  1. Repair Cracks With Roof Sealant

Cracks can be repaired without changing the shingles completely. You just need to use a caulking gun for applying a thick bead of roof sealant under the crack. Then carefully press it down and start applying another bead of sealant over the crack. Moreover, you can use a knife to spread the top bead over both edges of the crack.

  1. Replace The Missing Shingles

If you have spare matching shingles, you can replace it by your own. First, remove the broken shingle carefully and then scrape the leftover roofing cement beneath the removed shingle. Apply new shingle with cement.