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Cast Stone Mantels: Features And Buying Guide

Stone mantels reflect the true charisma of the old world charm. They look breathtakingly gorgeous and the breezy and cozy feel they bring along is intoxicating and beyond pleasing. It’s quite right to install one around your fireplace in order to experience a kingly royalty at home.

Features That Make Limestone Mantels Different From Rest

Limestone mantels by companies like Omega Mantels have an artistic touch to them that’s offered by true artisans blessed with the art of traditional stone carving and shaping. And the features that make limestone mantels so unique are listed below.

  • Opencast limestone was used in the Victorian times for a fact that opencast stones preserve heat from the fire. Clearly, limestone is thus the best choice when it comes to making stone mantels for places that experience harsh winters.
  • Limestone can be cut in different shapes very easily. Besides, it offers two stunning options, Veined honed limestone, and off-white limestone. Veined honed limestone, when polished, displays stunning veins running through the structure.  
  • Limestone can be cut in the shapes to complement different styles including the Vintage style interiors, modern interiors, contemporary interiors, and Victorian style interiors. Thus, you will always have an option to choose a mantel according to the theme of your house.

Things To Consider While Buying Limestone Mantels

Opencast stones have their own uniqueness. Which is why you must consider a few things that are more important than a few others when buying stone mantels. The most important ones are listed below.

  • The stone’s quality should be your prime concern. As long as you put your trust in companies with a customer satisfaction record, you are less likely to be fooled.
  • If the width of your chimney breast is wrong, the mantle will not surround your fireplace perfectly. Therefore, be very careful while providing your manufacturer with the fireplace dimensions.
  • Since limestone comes in different shades, styles, shapes, and colors, do not forget to request a free sample for evaluation, and then decide. You can also sit with the designers to come up with a design with a personal touch when ordering a custom-made stone mantel.
  • Keep your budget in mind. Remember, prefabricated mantels are cheaper than custom-made mantels. You can also order stone mantel kits to save more money. Also, since custom-made mantels have to be cut in different shapes and sizes, their prices vary too. It’s usually overmantels that are the costliest custom-made limestone mantels because they display intricate designs and carvings that require more human effort.