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Choosing The Correct Wood Matters

The base of any wooden stuff is the type of wood it is made of. The wood type can tell you how durable that wood is and what it is best suited for whether fences, sheds or what. However, many people get baffled regarding what kind they should opt for or what’s the best way to purchase a wood. So in order to make things easier for one and all in this arena, here are five basic steps that will guide you throughout your wood buying journey.

Choosing Between Hardwood and Softwood

Making the right wood choice is of utmost importance. If you choose the wrong wood for your requirement, the faults will start showing up soon. So it is important to choose correctly between hardwood and softwood. If you are looking for durability in the wood then hardwood would be your best choice.

Going For The Stable Wood Type

Unless you already have an idea regarding what to choose, you should opt for the more stable kind. As a wood is subject to dimensional change with respect to variations in the surrounding environment, one must choose it accordingly. Like when the humidity of the atmosphere increases, wood tends to expand width-wise. A suggestion would be to opt for a dimensionally stable wood.  

Learn About The Different Cuts

Learning at least a little about the different cuts is important as the stability of the wood can be assessed by a board’s end grain. For instance, a flat sawn end provides a more cathedral look but it may twist and lead to separation of wood joints.

On the other hand, quarter sawn ends assure stability and are also less prone to movement. But this might make them a little costlier as compared to the former.

Checking The Wood

It is important to check for wood defects like wood knots or insect holes before purchasing. Usually, a mixture of sawdust and epoxy is utilized to solidify these knots, which gives rustic look to the wood and many people might find it appealing. However, this might tamper the stability of wood in the future.

Further, if the wood board is uneven in nature, you might notice cracks along its side as well so checking it before purchasing is important.

Thus, the above-mentioned steps and information are important to keep in mind while buying hardwood cut stock so that you can make the right purchase.