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Double Garage Home Cinema – The Perfect Idea does exist

Double Garages are home cinemas waiting for you to turn innovative. Most people have garages, but not many use them. Garages of all shapes and sizes double up as store rooms for most people, as they keep acquiring more and more stuff, not giving much thought to the treasure they have in hand. No wonder this habit has led to an entire kind of sale, a garage sale, become a common trend. This is where the concept of Double Garage Home Cinema showcases its value. If one successfully vacates their garage, it can be used as a home cinema room.

Perfect Space

The standard size for a double garage in the United Kingdom is 36 m². This is an optimum size for a home cinema room. Assuming one has a 4m wide projector screen, with a height of 1.7m and a Surround Sound package equipped with a 7.2.4 Dolby Atmosphere, and all the speakers are either behind the screen or walls which should be acoustically transparent, they are in possession of a home cinema room without any compromises. The other speakers, namely the front, center, left and right ones, are seated in an alcove, which helps to tie up the audio and video impeccably. One can have two Control 3 sub woofers which ensure that even the most thrilling action films are not marred by a sub-par bass.

Stunning Display

A laser powered projector will ensure a bright image with a 4k resolution, with one of the best picture qualities and a huge variety of sources. This seriously can give competition to sophisticated home cinema systems and where one can enjoy the latest sporting spectacles as well as the latest family movies. Rooms like these, help bring the family together in an evening of merriment and joy.

State of the Art design

Fit the rooms with automated light control systems and your Double Garage Cinema Room has turned into one with mood lighting, resulting in a viewing environment which is perfect, while maintaining energy efficiency.