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First things to do after purchasing a new home

If you have just purchased a new home, you are probably filled with excitement—and maybe a little anxiety over all the work ahead of you.  You are in a position many people have dreamed about, so feel free to soak it in and enjoy it. But also strive to take care of the things that you need to take care of now, before you move in, so you can enjoy a relatively trouble-free beginning to home ownership.

Steps to Take After Purchasing a New Home

1. Get the locks changed.

It costs approximately $50 to get a lock changed—well worth the security you get. There is no telling how many people have keys to your current locks. It only takes one of them with bad intentions to compromise your security and put you in a bad position.

2. Let everyone know your new address.

You can get your mail forwarded for a period from the post office, but it is best to make permanent changes to your address. Many of your accounts will allow you to change your address online. For friends and family, you can use social media to spread the word.

3. Consider a professional cleaning.

If you have any doubt about the cleanliness of the home, think about getting it professionally cleaned. It will probably cost less than you think and will ensure you move all your things into a clean environment.

4. Turn the utilities on.

Contact your local utilities to get the basics coming to your home—they make life a lot more enjoyable, so the less time you must wait the better.

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