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How to Move your Kitchen Items with Ease

When it comes to packing for a move, the kitchen is one of the most challenging rooms to pack. This room has small items stored in separate cupboards and drawers that make sorting through them quite overwhelming. If you are struggling with moving your items in the kitchen, the guide below can help you:

Determine which to Keep or Let Go

Before moving your belongings, determine which kitchen items should go with the move and which you want to let you. Ensure the things you take with you have a new place so they don’t end up sitting in a box. Whatever items you don’t want to take with you, consider donating them or hosting a garage sale.

Prepare a Box for your Essentials

The items in the kitchen that you want to move with you should have a designated box. Actually, you can have two boxes for them; one for the items you still need while you are in your old house and one box for stuff you will need in your new home. Such items can include one of each dish and cutlery, sponge, dish towel, spray cleaner, dish soap, as well as small items such as a toaster or coffee maker.

Pick Quality Packaging Supplies

Depending on how big your kitchen is, you may have to use durable boxes for your move. Smaller boxes are ideal for packing heavier items because you can carry them easily. Prepare an assortment of small, medium, and big boxes, bubble wrap, or newspaper for filling the boxes, marker labels, and packing tape. If you want to free yourself of the need to take care of the supplies, let ADF Express movers do the job for you.

Start Packing Items you Rarely Use

These items may include mixing bowls, food storage containers, pains, baking sheets, cook books, small appliances, special utensils, serving dishes, and others. Also, start packing wine glasses, flower vases, and more. Pack electronics and glassware separately and label them “Fragile” to make sure the movers give them extra care.

Pack your Pantry

Pack away your pantry items like foods you want to cook once you move into your new house, oils, spices, and others. Leave the perishables and canned goods behind since they can go bad or weigh your boxes down during the transportation. Anyway, you can consume them while you are still in the old house. Unless your new house is just nearby, move your freezer items later on.