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How To Take Care Of Wooden Flooring Once It is Installed?

Hardwood floors bring the warmth and authenticity in your space. It is durable and can last up for decades. Once the wooden flooring is installed, with proper maintenance you can actually increase the longevity.

So, what are the steps you must follow? Well, we have got you covered. Below mentioned is a short guide on taking care of wooden flooring once it is installed.

  1. If you are working and don’t get much time in cleaning the floor, then you can sweep or dust mop or vacuum it on every other day.
  2. Never ever, mop wooden flooring with water. You can use cleaners that are available in the market. Check them out and look out for recommendations.
  3. To restore your old wooden flooring apply finishes. Again, you can find them easily in the stores.
  4. If there are, spills then wipe it off immediately.
  5. In addition, sometimes the scratches and scuffs take place, then get a bit of baking soda and a damp sponge. Erase it gently on the floor.
  6. Often at times, the hairline cracks might panic you. But you don’t need to. The primary reason behind the hairline cracks is due to the dry heat during winter. The cracks will fill up automatically in summer.

#ProTip – A humidifier is helpful option.

  1. While cleaning the wooden flooring, please don’t use the alkaline products or ammonia-based as it causes scratches on the flooring thereby making it dull.
  2. Don’t walk with stilettos or heeled shoes. You can have a pair of extra slippers for indoors.
  3. Protect the wooden flooring from sunlight. The UV rays make it yellowish.
  4. Keep a mop outside so that the dirt and dust settles on it not inside home.
  5. The surface-sealed floors are water-resistant hence, easier to clean. Simply wipe and mop.
  6. The furniture sprays make the flooring slippery. So, avoid using it — also, acrylic finishes, oil soaps, bleach, and wax-based products – A BIG NO.

So, that was all about how to take care of wooden flooring once it is installed. Try them out and uplift the look of your space with wooden flooring.