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Simple Tips to Deal with a Leaky Roof until help arrives

It’s unfortunate that most roof leaks get discovered when it rains. When it happens, there’s no time to second-guess or panic. Just grab the phone and get your local roofer to visit your home as soon as possible. But as you wait for the expert to come and perform roof repair in Burlington, there are a few things you can do to stop the leaks from causing more interior damage.

Minimize ceiling damage

Roof leaks often remain in the ceiling until they find an escape route. Often times, the water will penetrate through light fixtures. Your bulbs may begin to flicker as the leak finds multiple escape routes in your home. To avoid extensive ceiling damage, try and locate the wettest spot or a bulge on the ceiling. Put a bucket below and poke a small hole on this spot for the water to start draining out. This allows you to direct water flow at one point on the ceiling instead of multiple escape routes.

Try to locate the leak

It can be difficult to locate the entry point of a roof leak especially when it’s raining. The first place you’ll want to check is the attic. Remember that the location of the leak in the ceiling may not be in alignment with the leak in the roof. It depends on how the roof slopes. Missing shingles or a hole in the roof deck can contribute to leaks. Hire a professional roofing contractor who will perform thorough investigations to uncover the underlying cause of the roof leak.

Perform temporary repairs

If you were able to locate the entry point of the leak from the inside, there are a few safe repairs that you can perform as a temporary solution. You can use roofing cement or roofing tape to cover the holes or cracks on your roof deck. Roofing cement or tape, which is available at your nearest home improvement store, can be used to cover any openings on your roof decking inside the attic. If you feel confident enough and have the right tools, you can use the roofing cement or tape on the outside of the roof. This is an ideal temporary solution that can help you to stop the leaking until the roofing expert arrives.

Don’t wait too long

Small leaks may not go away after you perform some simple and quick fixes. It could be a sign of a major problem or a disaster waiting to happen. Don’t be afraid to call a roofing contractor who will uncover the problem and solve it once and for all.

Roof leaks expose your home to more damage due to mould growth, warping and interior damage. You may think you’re saving money by fixing a small leak on your own but end up paying more to have a complete roof replacement. Trust only experts when it comes to roof leak repair in Burlington if you want to save more money and preserve your roofing system.