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Some Alternatives of Teak Garden Tables for Your Reference

Having family time in garden is great moment to enjoy. You and your family can do some activities there, such as small garden party. To do this, some kinds of furniture are needed, at least the tables and chairs. In this case, teak garden tables become good reference of furniture. This wooden material is the best choice, and there will be no regret for choosing this one.

The Options of Teak Garden Tables

In fact, choosing outdoor furniture is quite tricky to do. It must have good durability and wooden material is good option. Among many kinds of wood, teak is the great and recommended hardwood that can provide great durability, even if it has to face challenges of temperature and weather conditions. Of course, you have many options of wooden tables, and here are some of them.

  1. Garden dining table

Well, the common choice is dining table. You can have rectangular or round teak garden tables and they are good since various sizes are available. You may choose the most suitable size and shape for your family.

  1. Fold and expandable garden table

In addition, this is surely the good choice if you love flexibility. Although teak is good to deal with weather, it is always safer to save the table and other furniture after you have done with the garden party. Moreover, there is expandable table that’s great since you will be able to make it bigger or smaller based on the conditions.

  1. Coffee table

The other option of Teak garden tables is coffee table. It has smaller size compared to dining table. This is suitable if you need additional tables to accompany the bigger ones. It can also be alternative if you do not need big tables for garden activities.

Those three tables are some references for you. There are many kinds of designs and sizes for garden tables. You are able to find the most suitable one together with the chairs. In case of dining table, usually the chairs have become a part of package. These references at least can help you to figure out what you are going to choose when you go to furniture stores. In the process of choosing, you must also consider built quality of teak garden tables to make sure the tables will last long, especially for the folding and expandable tables. They need better built quality for the flexibility