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Three Times You Need to Call an Experienced Plumber  


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Perhaps you like to attempt to fix things around the house yourself before contacting a professional. This can save you time and money if you have the proper skills and tools to complete the repair correctly. Unfortunately, plumbing issues are often complicated and can make life uncomfortable for you and your family until someone repairs them. To avoid greater expenses and potentially a damaged home, consider calling a company that provides the best plumbing in Houston TX when you encounter the situations described below.

Blocked Pipes

The most typical cause of blocked pipes is a build-up of tree roots or sediment that blocks the water from flowing through them as it should. This problem can also occur when someone attempts to flush items down the toilet that your home’s plumbing system cannot handle such as baby wipes or products for feminine hygiene.

Homeowners sometimes respond to this situation by putting chemicals into the toilet or renting a rodding machine to attempt to unclog it. This is problematic because it could expose you and your family to the effects of raw sewage as well as cause significantly more damage to the pipes.

Hot Water Problems

Nothing feels better than a warm shower after a long and stressful day at work. Unfortunately, your day can get worse when you turn on your showerhead and it dumps cold water on your face instead. It can also be uncomfortable to wash your hands with extremely cold water.

When this happens, it typically indicates a defect in your water heater. Having a professional inspect and fix the water heater is the fastest and safest way to get your hot water back. The plumber assisting you can also advice you about new water heaters if yours requires replacement.

Water Pressure Problems

When you turn on a faucet or showerhead in your home, the water should come out with a strong force. You have a problem with water pressure if it comes out in a slow dribble instead. It can be challenging to determine the source of the problem.

Since you rely on strong water pressure for so many functions, you might be tempted to disassemble the faucet or showerhead to determine the problem. This can quickly become overwhelming if you do not locate the problem and feel uncertain about how to put things back together. A professional can diagnose and fix the problem in much less time.

When in Doubt, Call a Professional

If you have even the slightest doubt that you can perform plumbing home repairs, calling a company that offers the best plumbing in Houston TX is your best bet. The company should provide you with an estimate as well as education on how to avoid future problems.