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Top tips for working better with industrial architects

Talking of commercial construction and projects, architectural expertise is a critical component for success. If you talk to five different architectural practices, chances are high that you will get five very different plans and even more diverse set of ideas. It’s a no-brainer that your core team of architects must have the necessary qualifications, adequate education background, and basic accreditations.  What also matters is expertise, which extends beyond books. Working with known names like Stendel Reich architects always adds heft to commercial project requirements. In this post, we are talking more on how you can collaborate better.

A team that fits in

Just because a company has great reputation doesn’t mean that are good for your needs. Commercial projects require considerable investment, and therefore, insight of your architectural practice can help in reducing errors in judgments and keeping the budget in check. Discuss your requirements in details in a personal meeting. Insist on a meeting at their workplace, and make sure that you are well-aware of the team members who have been assigned for handling your requirements.

Interview them

Industrial architects typically follow a few protocols while working with a new client, so you will hear some great things about their work profile and frequent collaborations. It is more than necessary that you interview in light of their recent projects and talk to the team that will be working with your company on a day to day basis. Understand if they have the time that the project demands and how they plan to deal with some of the foreseeable risks and eventualities.

Discuss your project

Start by answering a few basic questions related to your project, which will come in handy for interviewing architects. For example-

  • What’s your long-term vision for the project?
  • What’s your expected investment?
  • Have you considered a few ideas? If yes, can you share those with the architect immediately?
  • Are you ready to pay more for a more reliable and known industrial architectural practice?

As a client, you need to be pretty straightforward with what you want from your architect and talk to them accordingly. It is also absolutely necessary to review their work and ask for references. For example, a company that has just designed office buildings will have less experience from one that has handled food plants, or something more specific, such as a logistic or distribution center. Check online and shortlist the best names now.