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What You Should Know about Buying a Shower Enclosure Kit

By choosing a shower enclosure kit, you can get the shower out of the tub and give the shower its own place it your bathroom. Shower enclosures can help transform the shower into its own separate space or remove the bathtub all together to help give you more space in the bathroom. You can place this practically anywhere in the bathroom, but you want to make sure to choose the right one for your space.

Size the Space: When picking a shower enclosure, you have to be mindful of size. You may be tempted to pick the biggest unit you can to give yourself a bigger shower, but showers can take up valuable space in a bathroom. Choose a shower enclosure kit that will fit in the bathroom and still allow room for the other fixtures. Each family member should be able to fit in the shower. For taller members of the family, choose a shower with more headroom. Some models have pre-drilled holes for the showerhead; choose one without this so you can place the showerhead where it’s comfortable for family members.

Consider the Configuration: There are different shapes to choose from, ranging from corner options to neo-angle designs. Pay attention to how each design will work with other areas in the bathroom. A rounded enclosure will allow for more space in the bathroom for the door to open, but a compact corner unit will work better in smaller bathrooms. For larger bathrooms, or for those that want to remove the tub, you can use a larger unit.

Limit Leaks: There are two options for shower enclosure kits: multi-piece and one-piece designs. One-piece designs help lower the risk of leaks, but you have to make sure the piece will fit into your bathroom before purchasing one. A multi-piece design will be easier to fit into the home, since it comes in smaller pieces, but they can have more leaks. If you choose a multi-piece design, it can be a good idea to hire an installer to help prevent any water leaks.

Don’t Forget the Other Components: There is more to a shower than just a door and walls. You also have to consider the handles, showerhead, drains, and the other components it takes to function. See which components are added with the kit and which ones you need to purchase separately. Also consider things like shower seats, multiple showerheads, and shelves, if those are of interest to you.

Look at Different Aesthetics: Some shower enclosure kits have different stylish designs to add some unique flair to your bathroom, instead of the utilitarian look. Some models have glass doors for a more spa-like feel. Look at framed units and frameless models, and pick one that has the look to complete your bathroom.